Robinson R44

HeliAir has 4 pieces of R44 helicopters that can also be rented.

The Robinson R44 helicopters have become one of the most sold helicopter types in the world and are known for their high reliability and low operating costs.

The R44 is a single-engine helicopter with a two-blade semirigid main rotor and a two-blade Delta 3-hinge tail rotor. The direction of rotation of the tail rotor is reversed, which gives better control in the helicopter’s howling.

The cabin can accommodate four people in rows of two. Normally this is one pilot and three passengers; perfect for sightseeing flights. The pilot seat is located in the front right, the seat in the front left can serve as a passenger seat or as an instructor seat. For the last one, a double control can be mounted, by means of a click system. We use these helicopters for flight training because they are very stable and reliable and deliver good performance.

Eurocopter EC120B

The Eurocopter Colibri (also referred as Colibri EC 120B) is a light single-engine helicopter. The Colibri can carry four people and a pilot, all in crash-resistant seats. It also has a crash-resistant fuel system.

The design of the cabin (with excellent all-round visibility) makes the device suitable for many tasks. For example transport, offshore transport, training, police tasks, wounded evacuations, inspections, sightseeing flights, film flights and as business transport. The Colibri is mainly composed of composite materials, has a Turboméca Arrius 2F engine and a Fenestron tail rotor, making it very quiet.

The Colibri is an ideal helicopter. Due to its low weight and strong motor, it can easily carry equipment such as our Cineflex camera, infrared cameras, searchlights and other useful tools. In transport mode it can carry 700 kg of cargo on a hook under the device.

Eurocopter AS350 B3

HeliAir is in possession of a Eurocopter AS350 B3 and therefore often performs VIP flights. There is room for 5 passengers on fine seats and there is even air conditioning on board. In addition, it is an ideal helicopter for film flights or inspections using our Cineflex Nose Mount

The B3 is a high performance version of this single-engine type helicopter and is powered by a Turbomeca Arriel 2B engine with FADEC.

Crew: 1 pilot
Capacity: 5 passengers
Length: 12,94 m
Rotor diameter: 10,69 m
Height: 3,34 m
Empty weight: 1.220 kg
Max takeoff weight: 2.250 kg
Engines: 1 × Turbomeca Arriel 2B, 546 kW
Max speed: 287 km/h
Ceiling: 6.100 m
Range: 476 km

Eurocopter AS355

The HeliAir fleet also includes a twin-engine version of the Eurocopter Écureuil (French for Squirrel). This is the AS355, also known as Écureuil 2 or Twin Squirrel.

Can be used for VIP transport with a maximum of 5 passengers, Cineflex film flights, goods transport, hoisting and medical flights. Another plus of this helicopter is that this layer can fly over buildings.

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