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Follow a training helicopter pilot or start private flying.


New Hangar with ample storage space for safe storage of helicopters


Great platform for takeoff and landing of different types of helicopters


Enough classrooms for theoretical guidance and flight preparation


No expensive landing fees and closing times like most airports

About HeliAir

HeliAir Helicopter Services was born from the enthusiasm of several entrepreneurs with a passion for helicopters and flying. We provide a full range of helicopter services, from tours and aerial shoots to helicopter training!

  • Expert advice

    We are here to answer any and all questions you have regarding helicopter tours, aerial shoots and training. Our experienced pilots, instructors and film crew would be happy to talk to you about the many possibilities!

  • Various courses

    HeliAir offers courses for both commercial pilot’s licenses (CPL and ATPL) as well as the private pilot’s license (PPL), under guidance of our experienced instructors.

  • Excellent customer service

    HeliAir values its customers’ wishes above all else. We want to support you and will stand by you to find the right solutions!

Helikoptervlucht boven Nederland maken

Helicopter Tours

HeliAir offers helicopter tours through the entire country of the Netherlands, departing every day from our heliport in Harskamp. We also organize tours for events and private enterprises starting at 3 people. However, we also offer VIP charter flights, parachuting flights and even culinary charter flights to the most extraordinary restaurants in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Expert in Aerial Shoots

HeliAir has specialized in aerial shoots using the Cineflex V14 HiDef camera. We provide you with the highest quality aerial photos and recordings using certified gyrostabilized systems and the Cinealta camera. Our equipment is truly lightweight, functions in temperatures down to -33 °c and can be mounted onto almost every type of helicopter or car for absolutely shock-free images!

Opleiding tot helikopterpiloot


Whether you want to become a certified commercial helicopter pilot or simply fly your own helicopter for recreational purposes, we will help you get your license. Under guidance of our experienced instructors you will be trained for the commercial pilot’s licenses (CPL and ATPL) or private pilot’s license (PPL). All courses consist of various exercises, including lifting off and landing procedures as well as emergency procedures. By mastering all aspects of flying during the course, you will be able to fly safely on your own after you receive your license.

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